Why Use a Ventilator Circuit Anti-Disconnect Device from Marpac at Home?

Medical Tube Securement ProductsWhen it comes to in-home care for a tracheostomy patient who needs a ventilator, the security of the vent circuit is important. However, the connections are not always secure; if the patient moves, it can create a dangerous disconnect.

Marpac at Home’s innovative vent circuit anti-disconnect device creates a secure connection of the ventilator and tracheostomy tubes for the safety of your loved one. Our vent circuit anti-disconnect device:

Provides Safety and Security

Our unique design uses a layered fabric/foam strap that provides a tight, secure hold of the vent circuit. Our anti-disconnect devices are also universal and will fit all ventilator circuits and connections.

Is Easy to Use

Our vent circuit anti-disconnect device features intuitive design that makes it easy for caretakers to use. Attaching the device only requires a few steps, and our VELCRO® Brand fasteners tabs can attach anywhere on the collar for uncomplicated adjustments.

Is Skin-Friendly

At Marpac, all of our products are designed to be skin-friendly for the comfort of the patient. Our collars are made of soft foam that won’t irritate the skin or cause skin breakdown. Closure tabs are made of VELCRO® Brand fasteners with rounded edges that won’t bite into the patient’s neck.

We have both adult (900) and pediatric (905) sizes for our vent circuit anti-disconnect device.

Quality and Innovation for Your Loved One

At Marpac at Home, we combine innovation and high quality standards to create a product that will make at-home care taking easier and help you keep your loved one safe. Please contact our friendly and knowledgeable sales representatives for more information on our vent circuit anti-disconnect device or with any questions you may have.

Call us at 1-800-334-6413 for the safety and security of a Marpac vent circuit anti-disconnect device.

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