Marpac Tracheostomy Collars

Trach CollarWhen a patient requires a tracheostomy collar, their medical needs and safety are top priority. At Marpac, we manufacture tracheostomy collars designed to enhance the quality of patient care and comfort.

Tracheostomy Collars to Fit Every Need

All of our collars are made of soft, pillow-like foam that greatly reduces discomfort and painful skin breakdown. Closures are made of soft fabric twill or VELCRO® Brand with rounded edges that can attach anywhere on the foam collar without rubbing or biting into the skin of patients.

One-Piece Collars

Our one-piece collars are designed for extra security and ease of application. Lack of hook and loop attachment in the back or side of the collar reduces the chance of it coming undone while allowing for faster application by the caretaker.

One-piece trach collars allow caretakers to order the exact size that their patient needs.

Two-Piece Collars

Two-piece collars allow for size adjustment for those caretakers with many different patients, such as in the ICU or PICU.

230-on-Adult-Mannequin-1230 2-Piece Comfort Collar: Adult Size

  • Built in cushion material protects the neck from direct contact with plastic tracheostomy flanges
  • Cushion design allows use with both straight and v-style tracheostomy tubes
  • 2-Piece design allows for easy customization to a variety of neck sizes
  • For use by adults, adolescents, and larger pediatric patients

During trach changes you can thread the trach tube flange with the two-piece trach collar before inserting the tube into the patient’s neck.

Bariatric Collars

Our bariatric collars are both wider and longer than our regular collars to prevent skin breakdown and wounds. Marpac is the only tracheostomy accessory manufacturer that makes a 2″ and 3″ wide collar.

Pediatric Collars

Our pediatric collars come in one-piece and two-piece models in sizes suitable for a 5.5″ neck to a 13″ neck. Neonatal collars come with twill attachments.

We offer a wide range of customization options for patients with special collar requirements. Contact one of experienced account managers to find out more about custom trach collar orders.

Contact Marpac for all of your Tracheostomy Collar Needs

All of our products are manufactured at our facility in the United States so that they can be held to the highest standards of quality. We are committed to providing products that enable better patient care and make the healthcare provider’s job easier.

Please contact us for more information or to place your tracheostomy collar order.

Call us at 1-800-334-6413 to find out more about Marpac adjustable tracheostomy collars.

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