101 and 102 One-Piece Tracheostomy Tube Holders


A medium, adult, one-piece tracheostomy tube holder that fits a 12 to 16-inch neck.


A large, adult, one-piece tracheostomy tube holder that fits a 16 to 20-inch neck.

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Some key benefits and features of the Marpac 101 & 102 Tracheostomy Tube Holders include:

  • Comfortable: Soft twill ribbon threads the tube flange to increase comfort and maximize stoma air exposure.  Foam body is thin and breathable.  Made with soft, pillow-like foam with sealed edges to greatly reduce discomfort and painful skin breakdown
  • Secure: Secure tabs limit movement of the tracheostomy tube, reducing accidental decannulation
  • Latex-free
  • Skin Friendly: Closures are made of fabric twill or thin VELCRO® Brand fasteners with rounded edges that won’t rub or bite into patient’s skin
  • Easy to use: Fastener tabs attach easily and securely anywhere on the outside of the collar

Our One-Piece Tracheostomy Tube Holders secure the tube’s positioning and minimizes its movement. Now you can eliminate the frustrations associated with twill ties and other holders while minimizing secondary complications.

All of our trach collars are fully customizable because we make them right here in our facility in the USA. We can customize any order to fit unique situations. Please visit our tracheostomy selection guide and contact us to speak with an account manager to learn more about our products.

Call us at 1-800-334-6413 to speak with an expert about Marpac tracheostomy tube holders.

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