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Medical Tube Securement Products

Marpac uses innovative designs to produce medical securement products tailored to fit the needs of caretakers and patients. Our tracheostomy products and ET securement devices are made with the highest quality components to provide safety, durability and comfort for the patient while being easy for caretakers to use.

ET Securement Devices

Our ET securement devices are for patients and caretakers who want a comfortable yet easy-to-apply endotracheal tube securement for 1-14 days and include:

  • Adjustable ET Tube Holders
  • Adult ET Tape
  • Pediatric ET Tape
  • Neo/Ped ET Tape

Our ET Tube Holders are adjustable and made with our innovative soft foam neck band that reduces skin irritation and skin breakdown and facilitates easy application. Our ET Tube Holders and ET Tapes are latex-free* and skin friendly.

Tracheostomy Products

Our tracheostomy products are for patients who want comfort, durability and securement for their trach tube holder. We offer a variety of products designed to match each patient’s and each caregiver’s different situational needs and include:

  • Tracheostomy Collars
  • Tracheostomy Accessories

All of our tracheostomy collars include our foam neck band and come in different sizes for adult, pediatric and bariatric patients. Our tracheostomy products are also fully customizable.

This is by no means an exhaustive list. Because we manufacture our products on-site, we can create a tracheostomy collar to accommodate almost any patient and situation. Please visit our tracheostomy collar selection guide or contact us to find out more about custom orders.

Vent Circuit Anti-Disconnect Device

Our Vent Circuit Anti-Disconnect Device is designed to keep the ventilator securely fastened to the tracheostomy tube, resulting in fewer accidental and dangerous disconnects. It is made of a unique cloth/foam fabric that is gentle on the skin and non-adhesive, yet grips the vent circuit securely. Our Anti-Disconnect Device can be used with a number of different types of connections and accessories.

Foley Catheter Holder

Our Foley catheter tube holder provides a secure and comfortable way to lock the catheter tube in place and features an elastic leg band and secure VELCROR Brand fasteners locking device.

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* 302 contains latex

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