Our Adjustable ET Tube Holders are easy to put on, simple to adjust, and reduce the risk of skin breakdown.

ET Tube Holders

Benefits of our Adjustable ET Tube Holders

  • Made to allow easy repositioning of ET tubes to accommodate oral care and minimize the chance of pressure sores.
  • Incredibly soft foam on patients face
  • Foam also provides unexpected grip to patients face without actual adhesive. This allows re-positioning.
  • Neck strap allows re-adjustment during different states of swelling
  • Latex-free
  • Designed to reduce the risk of accidental extubation
ET Tube Holders

#320 details

  • No adhesive on patient’s face
  • Skin under foam can be assessed without removal of product.
  • Head strap provides lift and support for holder
  • ET tube size 5 and larger


#321 details (design similar to #320)

  • Longer neck and head straps allow use on Burn and Full Framed patients.
  • ET tube size 5 and larger


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