Adult ET Tape

Marpac Adult ET TapeMarpac Adult ET Tape is a quality product that facilitates the fast, easy securement of endotracheal tubes. Our ET Tape’s one-piece design offers swift application while greatly reducing the chance for accidental extubation by providing a secure method of stabilization.

Our Adult ET Tape’s design makes it perfect for use on crash carts.

Benefits include:

  • A one-piece design that allows quick application. One end is enclosed in a disposable sleeve which allows it to slide easily under the patient’s neck.
  • Adhesive that is gentle on even the most delicate of skin.
  • A scored backing that is easy to peel off, even with protective gloves.
  • Convenient, standardized application that saves time when repositioning and securing ET tubes; one person can apply.
  • Minimal training is required to use our ET Tape. Training methods are very similar to methods used in standard respiratory therapy training.
  • Individually wrapped to lessen the potential for hospital contamination due to over handling.

Endotracheal TubesAn independent study conducted by Georgia State University found that Marpac’s Adult ET Tape was not only faster and easier to use than conventional ET tube tape, but provided a much stronger hold to prevent accidental extubation that could prove life-threatening to patients.

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